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Prinsip Cergas is the preferred Education Resource Centre in providing the latest tools, solutions and technology for the revolutionizing of the education sector. Our NX CAM products are:

CAM Express is an in-depth, highly flexible system that allows users to maximize the value of their investments, in the latest, most efficient and most capable machine tools. Easy to deploy and easy to learn. CAM Express provides powerful NC Programming with a low total cost of ownership.

NX CAM delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize the throughput of their most advanced machine tools. With NX CAM, companies can transform their NC programming and machining processes to dramatically reduce waste and significantly boost productivity.

CAM Express is available as a set of packages providing the capability needed to address key types of machining:

2 1/2 Axis Machining – for prismatic parts such as machinery components

3 Axis Machining – for fixed axis milling, ideal for mold and die machining

Mil-Turn Machining –for programming multi-function machines such as mill turn machines

Advanced Machining – a full NC programming solution including 5 axis machining

Driven by the requirements of manufacturing companies worldwide, NX CAM offers great flexibility in machining methods and a wide range of machine tool programming capabilities.

NX CAM Express
NX CAM Express
NX CAM Express
NX CAM Express
NX CAM Express

A complete foundation within each package

Each CAM Express package comes with a comprehensive base of core technology including access to the Siemens PLM Software on-line post-processor library, a graphical post processor build and edit application, tool-path verification, CAD file translators, .on-line help, shop documentation output, assembly handling, access to machining parameter library with proven machining data and more.

CAD Neutral

CAM Express is designed to be used independently of any specific CAD system. It has key industry translators for data import.

Integrated with Solid Edge and NX

CAM Express is also available for integrated use with Siemens PLM Software CAD applications (NX or Solid Edge) based on the same packages outlined above.

Optimizing the value of the latest machine tool equipment

NX CAM offers you advanced programming technology developed over many years of experience enabling you to get the most from your advanced machine. For High speed machining, 5-axis machining, Multi-Function Machining NX CAM offers the range of flexible and advanced processors needed for effective programming.

All in one system

In NX CAM you have all the pieces you need for a complete NC programming system. It provides a full set of toolpath processors (drilling, turning, 2-5 axis milling, Wire EDM, feature based machining), post processor build and edit tool, full 3D machine tool simulation and a market leading CAD technology for part, tool and machine modeling & assembly.

Programming Automation

UGS sees the value of automation as a means of achieving a competitive business advantage in NC programming. NX CAM offers out of the box capabilities ranging from Process Wizards and templates to automated feature based machining capabilities.

Scalable from stand alone CAM to a PLM solution

NX CAM can be purchased as a stand alone NC programming system, as a CAD/CAM solution, or with CAM data management and tool library solutions. It can be implemented along side NX tool design applications to provide a unified solution. NX CAM can be a key component of an entire part manufacturing solution including part planning, shop floor connectivity and more.


The full set of NC programming capabilities means that NX CAM can address the needs of a wide range of industries. UGS has many successful NX CAM customers in Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Machinery, Consumer Products, Medical Devices and others.

Market Share

A long established market presence and effective product has enabled UGS to maintain a leading position in market share with NX CAM.

For more details on NX CAM please click here to visit the website

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