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Product lifecycle management is an integrated, informationdriven strategy that speeds the innovation and launch of successful products. It is built on common access to a single repository of all product-related knowledge, data and processes.

As a business strategy, PLM lets distributed organizations innovate, develop, support and retire products as a single entity. It captures best practices and lessons learned, creating a storehouse of valuable intellectual capital for re-use. As an information technology strategy, PLM establishes a coherent data structure that enables real-time, virtual collaboration and data sharing among geographically distributed teams. PLM lets companies consolidate multiple application systems while leveraging existing investments during their useful lives.Through
open APIs and adherence to industry standards, PLM minimizes data translation issues while providing users with information access and process visibility at every stage of the product’s life.ng ease of use.

Investment initiatives pave the way to transformation

Regardless of your industry, key product-centric business initiatives represent the best opportunities for transforming your process of innovation.They are:

New product development and introduction
Design, simulate, validate and manufacture innovative products by establishing real-time, global collaboration capabilities for the people and processes involved in your R&D, product planning, development and launch activities.

Value chain synchronization
Respond effectively to global demand by optimizing the exchange of ideas, as well as product and process information, among all players that participate in every stage of your value chain.

Enterprise data management
Leverage your physical and intellectual assets for greater competitiveness by managing and providing secure access to critical product and process data over the life of a product.

Commonization and re-use
Create efficiencies and foster best practices from engineering to manufacturing, purchasing and sourcing, marketing and support by re-using proven parts, assemblies, equipment and processes.

Knowledge and IP management
Continually improve product and process development by capturing and automating the knowledge of your expert

Regulatory compliance
Mitigate risk and achieve compliance by ensuring adherence to environmental, safety, financial and governmental regulations early in the design cycle and by automating data collection and reporting.

Production efficiency
Increase production flexibility, performance and quality by integrating product design with process design and production information in your manufacturing best practices.

System engineering and mechatronics
Optimize product performance, integration, quality and reliability through analysis of interdependent mechanical, electrical and software subsystems, constraints and components.

Siemens PLM Software is making considerable investments in these initiatives to support every customer’s transformation strategy. Start down the road to innovation by selecting the initiative that promises the greatest near-term value to your company.Over time, you will want to address all eight initiatives to achieve the full promise of PLM.

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